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Cupa Europeana


Mamaia ETU Triathlon European Cup will be held in Constanta City, inside Mamaia, the most beautiful and vivid sea side resort, with the aim to popularize an active lifestyle and sports image of this area.

The competition is supported by the Constanta Municipality and Orange Romania.

Competitions will be held in Mamaia, the resort of Constanta City, the most popular sea side resort in Romania.

Mamaia European Cup is part of Triathlon Challenge, the biggest Triathlon in Central and East Europe which is also the Grad Final for the Romanian Triathlon Series.


Swimming. The swim section will take place in the Siutghiol lake, with a pontoon start.

Cycling stage of the competition is 100% flat & safe.

Running. The running stage will be again 100% flat & safe.

The infrastructure of the event is suitable for an world class event.

Professional and age group athletes are welcomed to participate in Mamaia ETU European Cup.


Additional information about the competition:

Date and venue: 5-6 September

  • 5 September, race kit pick up
  • 5 September, elite athlete briefing
  • 6 September, race day

Distance: Olympic

  • Swimming – 1500 m; 2 laps; water temperature 20-24 C
  • Cycling – 40 km; 7 laps
  • Running – 10 km;

Event Briefing

05 september, 18.00, Hotel Iaki, Constanta

IAKI Hotel is located in Mamaia beach, a resort in the northern part of the Romanian Black Sea Coast, being one of the largest hotels in Mamaia and Romania.
Mamaia 900001 – Constanta, Romania

Event Schedule

Saturday 5 September

08:15 – 09:00 – Swim Familiarization – Important

Note: Please show up on time because at 10:00 we have Age Group Race Start

09:15 – 09:45 – Bike + Run Familiarization – Important

Note: Please show up on time because at 10:00 we have Age Group Race Start

17:00 – 20:00 – Race Office Open
18:00 – 19:00 – Briefing

Sunday 6 September

07:30 – 09:00 – Race Office Open (only for late registration)
08:00 – 09:00 – Women Athlete Lounge Open
08:15 – 09:10 – Women Uniform Check
08:15 – 09:10 – Women Transition Area Open
08:15 – 09:10 – Women Warm-up
09:20 – Women Line-up
09:30 – Women START
11:00 – 12:00 Men Athlete Lounge Open
11:15 – 12:10 – Men Uniform Check
11:15 – 12:10 – Men Transition Area Open
11:15 – 12:10 – Men (Swim) Warm-up
12:20 – Men Line-up
12:30 – Men START
15:00 – TA Open for Checkout
15:30 – Medal Ceremony


Competition Provision on Mamaia ETU Triathlon European Cup will be provided by the European Federation of Triathlon.

Rules and regulation are available on www.triathlon.org


Link to the page of the Event on the official website of the European Federation of Triathlon:


Prize money distribution. Elite men and women: TBD

Swim Distance 1.500 m
Start mechanism Pontoon start
Water temperature Sea -20-24 C
Number of laps 2
Bike Distance 40 km
Number of laps 7
Run Distance 10 km
Number of laps 4



Water temperature: 20-24Celsius
Number of laps: 2
Start Mechanism: pontoon start
Conditions: lake

swim course

Number of laps: 7
Brief description including: 100% flat, with two U turns per lap

bike elite

Number of laps: 4

run elite


Registration for the Mamaia ETU Triathlon European Cup will be held on the official website of the European Federation of Triathlon: http://www.triathlon.org/events/event/2015_constanta_mamaia_etu_triathlon_premium_european_cup


In this section you will find recommendations regarding accommodation on promotional offer for competitors and their supporters at the Triathlon Challenge Mamaia 2015. Made to suit all pockets, they range from 2** to 5 ***** hotels 🙂

Details soon.


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