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Triathlon Challenge is organized by Smart Atletic Sport Club. The mission of our club is to promote mass sports in general and the triathlon in particular.

You can see the history of Triathlon Challenge here.

Organizing Team

For more information/suggestions/proposals, please contact:

Vlad Stoica
Event Manager
e-mail: vlad.stoica@smartatletic.ro
tel: 0755056657

Mihai Orzan
Technical Director
e-mail: mihai.orzan@smartatletic.ro
tel: 0723656804

Bogdan Antohe
Communication Director
e-mail: bogdan.antohe@smartatletic.ro
tel: 0752222263

Claudia Sofron
PR Manager
e-mail: claudia.sofron@smartatletic.ro
tel: 0756247387

Corneliu Ciopasiu
Operational Manager
e-mail: corneliu.ciopasiu@smartatletic.ro
tel: 0752222261

Gabi Enache
Logistics Manager
e-mail: gabi.enache@smartatletic.ro
tel: 07522209523

Ionut Coman
Press Officer
e-mail: ionut.coman@smartatletic.ro

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